Hilarious Ways to Ghost Someone: Messaging with a Twist

Hilarious Ways to Ghost Someone: Messaging with a Twist

In the age of digital communication, ghosting has become a somewhat common, albeit controversial, practice. For the uninitiated, ghosting involves suddenly cutting off all communication with someone, effectively disappearing from their life. While this is generally considered rude and hurtful, 

there's a lighter, more humorous side to it that doesn't involve causing any emotional distress. In this blog, we're going to explore funny and lighthearted ways to "ghost" someone – not by vanishing but by leaving them in stitches with your witty messages. So, buckle up for a hilarious journey into the world of playful ghosting!

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The Extraterrestrial Abduction

Message: "Hey there, it seems I've been abducted by aliens and they won't let me near my phone. You know how those intergalactic tourists are, they just can't resist Earth's fast food. I'll let you know once they beam me back!"

Starting with a classic, attributing your absence to an alien abduction is a whimsical way to dodge someone temporarily.

Undercover Spy Operation

Message: "I'm sorry, but I can't talk right now. I'm deep undercover on a top-secret mission. I'd tell you more, but then I'd have to erase your memory. Catch you on the flip side, agent!"

Why not add an element of espionage to your humorous ghosting? Blame it on a covert operation that requires your immediate attention.

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Cat Video Marathon

Message: "I've been sucked into an endless vortex of cat videos on the internet, and I can't escape! I'll be back when I've had enough of these adorable felines. Until then, enjoy your cat-free existence."

Blame it on the irresistible charm of cat videos; they're a formidable adversary for anyone attempting to maintain constant communication.

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Dimensional Time Warp

Message: "I've stumbled into a dimensional time warp, and I can't be sure when I'll return. But I'll send you a postcard from whichever era I end up in. Take care!"

Time travel is always an exciting concept to incorporate into your light-hearted ghosting, and it certainly provides an imaginative explanation.

Accidentally Enrolled in Clown School

Message: "I've made an unintended detour in my life journey – I'm now a full-time clown school student. Balloon animals and red noses have taken over my world. I'll resurface when I've mastered the art of clowning!"

Claiming to be a full-fledged clown-in-training will undoubtedly raise a few eyebrows and generate some chuckles.

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Deep-Sea Treasure Hunt

Message: "I'm currently on a deep-sea treasure hunt, searching for sunken pirate gold. The siren songs are calling, and I can't resist their allure. I'll return with my bounty, or I'll be the one in Davey Jones' locker!"

A nautical adventure always makes for an engaging excuse, and the potential for pirate gold adds a touch of excitement.

Mission to Mars

Message: "I've just boarded a spaceship bound for Mars. Elon Musk needed an extra hand for his latest venture, and I couldn't say no. I'll give you a Martian update when I land!"

The idea of being drafted for a mission to Mars by a billionaire entrepreneur is sure to get a laugh from your friends.

Sock Puppets Takeover

Message: "I'm currently busy managing a puppet theater starring sock puppets. They've formed a union, and the negotiations are intense. I'll get back to you once sock labor issues are resolved."

Introduce the quirky world of sock puppet theater as the reason behind your temporary ghosting. Curiosity is sure to ensue.

Witness Protection Program

Message: "I've been placed in the witness protection program because I saw a squirrel perform the perfect heist. I'm now living under the name 'Fluffy McSqueaky' in an undisclosed location. Shh, it's top secret!"

Claiming to be in the witness protection program due to a squirrel-related crime adds a comical twist to your temporary absence.

Zombie Apocalypse Survival

Message: "The zombie apocalypse has finally happened, and I'm holed up in a bunker with a can of baked beans. I'll be sure to save some for you once we've vanquished the undead hordes."

The enduring fascination with zombies provides the perfect backdrop for a humorous ghosting scenario.


While ghosting someone in a hurtful or inconsiderate manner is far from commendable, there's room for humor and playfulness when it comes to momentarily evading conversations. The key to executing these funny messages is to ensure that the recipient understands the jest and that they, too, can appreciate the lighthearted nature of your absence. 

In the end, it's all about keeping your friendships and connections alive, even if it means occasionally taking a playful detour into the realm of imaginative excuses. 

So, the next time you need a break from constant communication, feel free to blame it on aliens, time warps, or a squirrel-led crime wave – after all, laughter is the best way to stay connected in spirit, even when you're "ghosting" in jest.